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by woob

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>>M[A]W<< I must admit I was getting bored with the Adaption releases and not playing them nowhere near as much as the 'classic' woob releases, but I finally decided to grab AD4PTION and see where it goes.
Well this release is definitely the best in the series, along the same lines as previous but a lot more enjoyable, which is good as Paul's production work is impressive to say the least.
Only complaint is all the different labels (Isometric / TL / em:tted / BAS etc) its starting to get a bit confusing.. Favorite track: Wake Up It's Not a Dream.
Big Perm
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Big Perm hey. is this coming out on vinyl? I thought I bought a physical copy also
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palehorse666 a pitch black conceptual synthwave soundtrack that couldn't be any darker or scarier. woob is a master of atmosphere, tension, terror and suspense. Favorite track: Safer at the Mall.
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18 00:37
Detour 03:13
Revelations 02:23
99¢ Rental 03:19
Leave Now 00:37
Cornered 04:13


Did you miss this? then 'AD4PTION Permadeath' is your saviour...


The AD4PTION Story Continues... With a new second part...
Includes all above tracks and more...

This album is now (un)dead, only the safety of the mall remains and it is no longer available to purchase in its current form.

TIME LIMITED Ghosting Digital Available for 90 days before first fade. (This version includes additional alternate artwork)

It’s 10 months on since the discovery of 'Jessica’s list' and the sudden disappearance of the local video store owner. Although haunted by her name on the list Zooey feels drawn to stay behind and seek out her missing friend. Zak and Velvet return home early for the holiday season and then, one cold night in October…

Press Play To Continue...


Adaption‘ is a psychological thriller / horror musical adaptation of a story centered around a small coastal town’s abandoned video-arcade that mysteriously springs to life after midnight transforming all its unsuspecting visitors into the undead.


After being possessed by 8-bit ancient code at an abandoned video arcade Jessica splits from the group and goes back to her house to deal with the transmutation the best way she can...

As the night moves on into the small hours, a group of Arcadia’s residents conspire to avenge the presumed death of their friend – with horrifying consequences....

....escaping the ‘Midnight Arcade’ the group make it back to their house. On checking Jessica’s room for any signs she may have returned after they were separated, a loud clicking noise coming from the corner grabs their attention.

A cassette machine in record has reached the end of side A and has failed to stop creating a rhythmical tick. By the unit an empty cassette box spine reads ‘Remember Me’ the track listing shows only a bloodstained kiss. To the left a record spins and crackles on its final groove, there is a strange symbol where the label should be, below it handwritten letters spell out: CORTEX.


21st Dec.1983 almost a week since Jessica's disappearance at the ‘Midnight Arcade’ the local media have picked up on the story and another cassette has been found…

Inside the case a list of names, the first (woob) is crossed out the second is local band member Zooey. Z friend to the missing girl.


released October 21, 2021

Produced by Woob
Recorded @ Catastrophe*
*Except 3,6 recorded @ Vertical Escape
Mastered by Scott Craggs
Illustration - Kai Arc
Design - Woob

© Time Limited 2021 [TL008]


all rights reserved


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